We love working with our Creative Display Partners on more than just Christmas!

Fizzco was asked to create a proposal for a unique and impactful selfie opportunity that would be used for a Kids Club summer event, the main goal being to attract more families to this lovely venue. They asked, and we delivered –  A giant five-metre upside-down Ice Cream, to be exact.

With over 35 years’ experience in commercial visual display management, our imaginative ideas and innovative approach ensure each display meets our customers’ requirements, reflects the latest trends, and aligns with each customer’s individuality.

At Fizzco, we revolve around Christmas, 365 days of the year. We live and breathe Christmas. So, when we get the opportunity to branch out of our comfort zone and experiment, we are all for it. We are always finding new, innovative ways to repurpose our Christmas displays.

So, what once was a five-metre Christmas bauble has now been transformed into a giant upside-down Ice Cream. We decorated the frame using pastel colours discs, which came in various colours, including pink, baby blue, mint green, coral, and orange. We transformed an old Christmas tree frame into the Ice Cream cone by simply covering it in high-quality fabric.

Another way that we transform our Christmas decorations is through our dynamic ‘Phoenix Range’, which features commercial display products that have been restored and reborn and are now available for sale or hire, giving them a new lease of life. Repurposing our commercial displays helps reduce emissions and ultimately reduces environmental damage. We can transform any venue with our top-quality refurbished lighting solutions, and we have an array of spectacular decorative lighting fixtures, perfect for any occasion.

Our upside-down ice cream is sure not to be the last Ice Cream to hit the floor at the Kids Club, but it might just be the first five-metre Ice Cream to do so. This Giant Up-side-down Ice Cream definitely makes a statement,  not only making a statement for those who are visiting in person, but it is a fantastic backdrop that will look fabulous in the photos shared across social media platforms.

Fizzco installs seasonal displays and decorations for Shopping Centres, Town Centres and Commercial Buildings across the UK. You can always trust Fizzco to deliver inventive and captivating seasonal displays that meet each customer’s requirements and ambitions. Each installation we create reflects the latest trends whilst retaining the essence of each location’s individuality and ever-evolving customer base.

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