Most businesses are having to reduce spending on non-essentials such as new decorations for Events including Halloween and Christmas. However, they are still expected to produce enticing displays that attract customers and generate sales. Fizzco Events are here to help your business create a spooktacular display by getting creative using affordable materials. We have come up with some handmade Halloween decorations with easy-to-follow instructions below.


Handmade Halloween Ghost Decorations

The simplest element to include within a Halloween display is hanging Ghosts, the easiest handmade Halloween decoration to make. To create these, use a Polystyrene ball for the head and wrap some string or fishing wire around the ball and make sure it is secure. Leave some excess so you can dangle the final piece from the ceiling once complete. Place a White Sheet or a Tablecloth over the Polystyrene ball and pull the string through the top of the material using a needle, creating a small hole in the fabric. Using a black marker, draw on the eyes or attach some black circles using a material of your choice. All that is left to do is hang your spooky ghost for a frighteningly fun display.


Creating Handmade Mummy Jar Halloween Decorations

There are always old coffee jars lying around, so why not utilise them by creating some Light Up Mummy Jars? Grab some bandages and wrap them around the jar. For a scarier look, you could first stain the bandages with Tea or Coffee to make them look more aged. Stick on some googly eyes and place a Battery-Operated Tea Light inside or some Warm White Battery-Operated Lights. These would look spooktacular by the tills or on a desk to get everyone in the spooky spirit.

Handmade Halloween Spiders

The great thing about handmade halloween decorations is that they can be made in various sizes. To create a Spider you will firstly want to paint two polystyrene balls Black, one slightly larger than the other to create the body and the head. Glue them together and leave them overnight for the glue to set. Next, you need to attach the legs, you can either use Black Pipe Cleaners, wire with black string or material wrapped around it. To attach them simply push them into the polystyrene, for an extra hold you could also add glue. Lastly, attach eyes of your choice, either googly eyes or cut-out circles in a card in your choice’s colour.

How to Create String Spider Webs

Start by taping a piece of black string to the wall as it is easier for you while you get started, and you can see what it will look like. Attach a piece of black string vertically to the wall using masking tape, add a second piece horizontally over the centre of the first one. Then add two more pieces diagonally over the centre to get the initial shape of the spider web. Use a small piece of string to tie the four pieces together in the centre.


Next, get a new piece of string and tie it around one of the pieces, wrapping it around each piece as you go until you get back to where you started. Then gradually move further outwards towards the outer edge. Do not cut the string. Make sure you pull it tight to keep it secure and in place. Lastly, add some spiders to the web to make it extra creepy.


If DIY isn’t your thing, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] or visit to get a helping hand on your Halloween Display. We love to get creative and wood love to make some handmade halloween decorations.