Creating the perfect romantic ambience on Valentine’s Day can often get tricky. At Fizzco we are the lighting and installation professionals, so we have come up with some suggestions on how you can create a romantic atmosphere using simple lighting tricks for your Valentine’s event.

Turn Down The Lights

Simply turning down the lights can have a dramatic effect on the vibe, adding dimmer switches can completely change the mood and create a romantic essence to any location. Alternatively, you can purchase smart LED bulbs which can be dimmed via an app on your smart devices. Another alternative is to replace your existing light bulbs with Warm White filament bulbs that are much dimmer than modern LEDs, which can help create a warm and inviting environment.


Adding a soft romantic glow couldn’t be easier, simply add some LED or battery-operated candles to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Candles create a relaxing atmosphere which can often help romance to flourish.

All The Stars In The Sky 

Turn your venue into the perfect space to look up at the stars. Using a laser light to create the starry sky on the ceiling can create the perfect view of the night sky, couples can gaze up at the stars and feel the magic.

Light The Way With Lanterns 

Adding lanterns can help the romance ooze, their subtle glow can help soften the space whilst adding something mystical and inspiring to the room.

Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights are a simple yet effective way to dim the lighting in your space whilst still creating magic.

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