We are super egg-cited to show you our new seasonal décor perfect for Easter and Spring!

Spring is just around the corner; the Easter Bunny is hopping his way into our seasonal displays, and we have the perfect features for your Easter events. When you think of Spring you think of fresh flowers and bright colours, and that is why we have created a collection of bright and colourful display products including hanging decorations and selfie opportunities, perfect for the flourishing Spring season.


A photograph of a decorative Easter Egg with a Green Bow on the top and colourful drawings as part of the design. An image of our Purple Egg Bow Arch that is complemented with twinkling LEDs, perfect for spring decor. A photograph of a decorative Easter Egg with a Purple Bow on the top and colourful drawings as part of the design.

Easter Eggs

Our Easter ‘EGG TM 50’ come in 2 colours, Lilac, and Green. The 3D decoration is approximately 36cm by 53cm and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our ‘OPHY 150’ is a 3D Pink easter egg that is approximately 120cm by 150cm with static LEDs, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The ‘OPHY 100’ is a slightly smaller version in Blue, measuring 80cm by 100cm.

We also have an even smaller version, the ‘OPHY 60’ which is 50cm by 60cm and comes in Green with static LED lights.

The ‘EGG BOW 240’ is a Pink arch measuring 240cm tall and 40cm by 180cm wide. The static LEDs are White and feature pink inserts and garlands for that extra wow factor. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The ‘EGGY 110’ is perfect for hanging from above or being wall mounted, with White LED String Lights and Rope Lights, this piece can also be decorated with flowers or fabric and other accessories for that extra wow factor. This piece can also be displayed outside as well as inside.


A photograph of our very own Easter Bunny display product. The bunny has a green garland hoop wrapped around its wasist filled with twinkling lights and babubles to simulate easter eggs.

Easter Bunny

Our ‘THUMPER 140’ features White LEDs making it shine bright in darker areas, it is suitable for outdoor use and would look stunning hanging from up above with accessories attached to the frame. Thumper measures 125cm by 140cm.

Our very own easter bunny measures 160cm tall and 120cm by 120cm wide. With both Warm White and White LED string lights. The rabbit has a hoop around his waist that features coloured baubles and garlands.




The ‘SOPHIE 240’ is a pair of bright and colourful butterfly wings which makes for the perfect selfie opportunity. Measuring 240cm high and 200cm by 100cm wide. The wings feature an array of colours including Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, and white.

The ‘PAILON 160’ features Blue LED String Lights and White LED Rope Lights. Measuring 160cm by 140cm this butterfly is sure to attract visitors’ attention whether it is wall mounted or hanging from up above, this product can also be displayed outdoors.


Our ‘POPPY 230’ features Green LED String lights and White LED Rope Lights to give it that extra sparkle. Measuring 230cm tall and 120cm wide this flower looks spectacular from up above and head on, especially when displayed as a group with opposing sizes and a variety of colours.

We also have a smaller version available; the ‘POPPY 170’ is Blue and is approximately 180cm by 95cm. Featuring Blue LED String lights and White LED Rope Lights. Both products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

As well as our range of unique products we offer a bespoke design service. We can transform your space into a vibrant colourful spring-themed Event that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. We have a range of props available including bunting, floral arrangements, green decorative pieces, and picket fencing to create your perfect Easter event. For more information call us on 01427 666026 to discuss your ideas, alternatively drop us an email at [email protected].