Fizzco partnered up with North Kesteven District Council for their ‘Love Sleaford’ campaign. This campaign was based on encouraging residents to share what they love about Sleaford, whether that was their favourite location, activity, or business in Sleaford. The campaign ran from the 1st of February until the 6th of March 2023.

Fizzco installed our Giant Heart Seat at the Riverside Centre, Sleaford. The Heart Seat measures 3-metres tall, 315cm wide and 200cm deep. The size of the Giant Heart grabbed the attention of people as they walked down the high street. The Heart Seat also featured Red LED string lights running through the design with White LED Rope lights around the outside to help the frame stand out. The addition of red disc garland helped ensure the Heart Seat had great day time appeal, shining bright not just at night.

A thousand red heart tags were also supplied alongside the installation for people to write their messages of appreciation and love for their local community. Visitors were encouraged to take photographs on the seat to be shared on social media with the hashtag #LoveSleaford to help promote the district and encourage people to visit Sleaford.

Local Councillor Richard Wright said, “The Heart Seat will act as a central point where everyone can share the things which make them proud of living, working or otherwise being part of life in Sleaford and really demonstrate together why it’s this fantastic place to be. As part of our vision to ensure flourishing communities, we are always considering changing needs and the things which should be improved for the future. It’s just as important however that we shout about all there is now to enjoy in Sleaford and the incredible things it has to offer. By leaving tags on this heart seat during February, we can all share the things we personally love about Sleaford and build on that pride together and help encourage more people to visit and discover Sleaford too.”